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Roberto Perez Rivero gives his presentation at the IPC10, Amman, Jordan
Photographs © Craig Mackintosh

Roberto Perez Rivero gave an excellent presentation at the Tenth International Permaculture Conference (IPC10). Watch it below. As the projector wasn’t the best, you may also want to make use of the links below to download the slideshow from this talk so you can click through those in a different window as Roberto speaks:

P.S. The video starts in mediocre quality, but after a few minutes jumps into higher resolution.

Presentation Files:

3 Responses to “Roberto Perez Rivero: “Permaculture’s Use of Water in Time of Climate Change – the Cuban Experience” (IPC Presentation – Video)”

  1. Stephen Purvis

    I would love to look at the presentations you are posting, but they are a bit big for me here on this connection (and plan).

    If you right-click an image in MS Powerpoint when you open the presentation->Format picture. “Picture” tab->”Compress…” button and compress all pictures in the presentation to “Web/screen” or even “Print” the presentation will shrink significantly. Barely discernible difference in quality on a screen.

    I’m sure that will help some others too…


  2. Jackie O'Neal

    Good morning,
    Is there a contact number or email address for Roberto please. I have a small property in Barbados that is on the end of a coral ridge and I would like to talk to him about water catchment possibilities as Cuba is also manly coral from what I understand.
    Many thanks,


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