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Brad Lancaster presents at the IPC10, Amman, Jordan, Sept. 2011
Photographs © Craig Mackintosh

Brad of has well-honed presentation skills — urban water harvesting has never been more interesting and compelling than after Brad has laid it all before you, and injected no small measure of fun and humour into it as well. I applaud Brad’s valuable contribution to the permaculture toolkit, as I’m sure will you after watching the video below!

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4 Responses to “Brad Lancaster: “Urban Water Harvesting Systems” (IPC Presentation – Video)”

  1. David Hicks

    There seems to be a huge distance between Brad & the audience .
    I hope the sound system was a good one !

  2. Craig Mackintosh PRI Editor

    Hi David – as mentioned elsewhere, it was a very wide angle lens. Don’t worry, the speaker and guests were a lot closer than the picture indicates. Different focal lengths give different impressions.

  3. Scott Reimers

    Awesome… What they are doing and where they’ve taken it is.. just… wow. ^_^


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