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Our authors are people interested in sustainable solutions to life’s problems. And, it’s more than that; more than just patching problems, it’s also about forging an improved quality of life. It’s about getting off the consumer treadmill – where you’re working just because of what you’ve bought – and creating a life with purpose and long-term satisfaction and health.

We’d like to see reports from individuals, families, project workers and project leaders everywhere. It looks clear that the economic collapse we’ve been expecting is well upon us, and most of us know it’s really only just getting warmed up – but rather than fear for the future, we need to be busy preparing for it, and helping others to do the same. Sharing skills and inspiring accounts of the practical things you’re doing and learning on the ground is a great, constructive distraction from a world in disarray.

Perhaps you know all about preserving fruit; maybe you have trialled several species of cover crop in your specific climate zone and can pass on the lessons learned; maybe you are making headway in your bid to learn how to take care of Angora rabbits and how to spin the hair. Maybe you have a miniscule back yard, but have been quietly turning it into a mini Permaculture oasis, and can give us some lessons on stacking. Maybe you have before and after shots you’d like to show off after transforming your useless green lawn into a cornucopia of abundance. Maybe you want to share your favorite herbal remedies for various ailments. Maybe you have insect or weed control techniques others could benefit from. Perhaps you’re up in a high-rise apartment, but have found ways to make the most of your balcony. It could be about your insights and experiences with a micro-hydro or solar setup on your or someone else’s property, or a report on your trip to a permaculture project you particularly admire. It could be about plant guilds, CSAs, water harvesting or passive solar building design. It could be about LETS trading systems, participatory democracy and transition efforts. It could be on commercial projects, aid projects, rural or urban projects. It could be a heads up narrative on unfolding news events. It could be an exposé on GMOs or industrial agriculture or consumer society or politics/economics. Whatever it is – whether on a small scale individual level, or a larger community or regional project – don’t let this valuable knowledge, opinion and precious experience sit in the dark. I’d like to encourage you to help us make this site a clearing house of planet-saving knowledge. If we all pitch in, share, question, debate and grow, the dark, forbidding path ahead will start to glow with promise.

Donated or Paid Articles?

While we encourage voluntary posts, as we’re a non-profit entity seeking to funnel funds into aid projects worldwide, we will pay you on a per-post basis if that’s what it takes to get you away from your garden fork long enough to tell the world what you’re doing and learning! Spreading practical knowledge and inspirational examples through this site is one way to help fast-track permaculture uptake worldwide, which appeals to our instincts of self-preservation!

Rough pricing intro (email for more detail): Article pricing will range from AU$10 for a YouTube video (not made by yourself) and a couple of paragraphs to introduce it, and on up, in five dollar increments to max out at AU$50 for full length interesting essays and videos you’ve made yourself. While we seek inspirational material, and also material that exposes the follies of our current system, excellent ‘how to’ material (whether video or written) will receive preferential treatment as far as pricing goes (we want to share real tangible knowledge with the world!) as will any articles that have a higher likelihood of attracting attention/traffic and/or have a longer shelf life. Articles that require significant editing to bring up to a reasonable standard (spelling, grammar, flow) will obviously be met with lower rates.

Get Started

If you would like to get published on the PRI site, please write to editor (at) permaculturenews.org in the first instance and you’ll receive more details on how to prepare and send your submission as well as get a set of links to example posts with pricing assigned to them so you can roughly gauge the value of your own work.

Submission process: Please advise when you make your submission if you’re seeking payment or are donating the article. If it’s the former, and if your article is suitable for the site, we will send you a link to your published article and also advise how much it earned for you.

Payment process: Authors will be paid monthly through Paypal (you must create a Paypal account for yourself if you haven’t one already). At the end of every month authors will be emailed their own Excel spreadsheet listing dates and titles of articles published and the value assigned.  Paypal fees deducted by Paypal are at author’s expense. We anticipate most articles being in the AU$25-$40 range. By receiving payment for your work, we demand exlusive right to publish (i.e. it cannot be published elsewhere). People that want their posts published on other sites also, can do so, but will be paid 50% of our normal assigned value for the article.

Tax: Income tax is the responsibility of authors. Writers who are tax residents of Australia will need to provide their ABN (Australian Business Number), as otherwise we have to withold tax of 47.5%.

Article/Advert arrangement: Until today we’ve had excellent results from our arrangement with people interested to advertise their PDC and other permaculture courses on our site. In exchange for a separate non-promotional article (i.e. something inspirational or educational or both), we’ve put their course adverts up on our main page at no charge. This arrangement will continue.

Personal site promotion arrangement: People who want links at top of the article to their own website can only fit into the voluntary submission category (i.e. we don’t pay for self-promotional articles), or the ‘Article/Advert arrangement’ mentioned above. In order for this pay-for-articles system to work, we need readers to see this site as an information hub that they want to keep returning to. This is also in the interests of all who run course adverts on our site, wherever they are in the world.

Those interested in more background and direction for our work and why we’re paying for articles, please head here.

Note: Article submissions will be weighed for merit before publishing. We do not commit to posting everything we’re sent. People found plagiarising other writers will be instantly taken off our author’s list.