Scientists Declare No Consensus on GMO Safety

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A group of 93 scientists from all over the world deplore the disinformation over the safety of GMOs and expose the lack of empirical and scientific evidence on which the false claims of “consensus” on safety are being made. Sign the statement "No consensus on GMO safety" Find the List of Signatories Here (PDF) The… Read more »

Scientific American Disinformation on GMOs

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America’s most trusted science magazine is spreading disinformation on behalf of a failing and desperate industry, in utter disregard of scientific integrity and the overwhelming evidence of hazards to health and the environment. by Dr Mae Wan Ho, Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji and Prof Peter Saunders. Deceptively authoritative pronouncements not backed up by evidence, scientific or… Read more »

Free Online 3-Day GMO Summit (October 25-27, 2013): Register Today!

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The scary truth about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) is being deliberately kept from you…. Fact: Your food has been unnaturally changed. These changes have very serious consequences. Your family’s health is at risk and you deserve the truth…. We’re going to share with you the true effects of genetically engineered food on human health and… Read more »

Surviving Global Warming – Localized Food & Energy Systems in Nature’s Circular Economy

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Record-breaking heat waves destroying harvests and worse predicted, localized food and energy systems urgently needed if we are to survive. by Dr Mae-Wan Ho A fully referenced version of this article is posted on ISIS members website and is otherwise available for download here. Photo credit: SugarCreekPhoto via Flickr Across the world in both hemispheres,… Read more »

Nitrogen-fixing for All Crops Not the Answer

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Editor’s Note: A couple of months ago, I sent this link to Dr. Mae-Wan Ho to see if she had thoughts on the news from the University of Nottingham that they had found a way to manipulate plants so they can take nitrogen directly out of the atmosphere — bypassing the ‘need’ for chemical fertilisers…. Read more »

Marla Spivak: Why Bees Are Disappearing

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Back in 2007, when the words ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ first hit the media spotlight, I wrote an article that sought to steer through all the reductionist scientific responses — where scientists and the public sought silver bullet solutions by trying to pinpoint a single cause for the mysterious and globally widespread disappearance of millions of… Read more »

The Global Land Rush

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by Lester R. Brown, Earth Policy Institute Between 2007 and mid-2008, world grain and soybean prices more than doubled. As food prices climbed everywhere, some exporting countries began to restrict grain shipments in an effort to limit food price inflation at home. Importing countries panicked. Some tried to negotiate long-term grain supply agreements with exporting… Read more »

GMO Potato: Cisgenesis is still Genetic Modification with All the Attendant Risks

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The new trial on GM blight-resistant potato is being sold as cisgenic technology to confuse the public, but it is still genetic modification with all the attendant risks — most of which are not addressed. by Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji A new genetically modified (GM) ‘blight-resistant’ potato is currently being tested in a three year large-scale… Read more »

Genes Not Eligible for Patents

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US supreme court’s final ruling on breast cancer gene patents should apply to all other gene patents, especially on deadly viruses such as the recent Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome virus. by Prof Peter Saunders Gene patents bad for science and bad for health Genes in humans and other organisms should not be patentable (see [1]… Read more »

This Little Piggy was Fed GMOs

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by Shicana Allen, Institute for Responsible Technology Dr. Judy Carman, associate professor in Health and the Environment at Flinders University (Adelaide, South Australia) and a team of seven other co-authors and scientists have released results of a long-term, peer-reviewed toxicology study that has found even more adverse effects resulting from the consumption of genetically modified… Read more »

Across the Board, European Farms Planting Non-GMO Seeds More Successful than GMO Crops in the U.S.

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by Shicana Allen, Institute for Responsible Technology On its website, Monsanto uses the slogan “Producing more, Conserving more, Improving Lives” and celebrates the five-year anniversary of its 2008 Sustainable Yield Initiative. Calling itself a “sustainable agriculture company… developing better seeds and systems to help farmers with productivity,” the biotech giant boasts that, despite anti-biotechnology activist… Read more »