Tackling “Monoculture of the Mind”

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Billionaires forgo iron-rich crops in push for GM bananas in India Nature has given us a cornucopia of biodiversity rich in nutrients. Malnutrition and nutrient deficiency result from destroying biodiversity. The Green Revolution has spread monocultures of chemical rice and wheat, driving out biodiversity from our farms and diets. And what survived as spontaneous crops… Read more »

“Stunning” Difference of GM from non-GM Corn

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A comparison of US Midwest non-GM with GM corn shows shockingly high levels of glyphosate as well as formaldehyde, and severely depleted of mineral nutrients in the GM corn. by Dr Mae-Wan Ho The results of a comparison of GM and non-GM corn from adjacent Midwest fields in the US that first appeared on the… Read more »

Just Label It! Tell Congress to Support the New Federal GMO Labeling Bill – We Have a Right to Know

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In the U.S., we pride ourselves on having choices and making informed decisions. Under current FDA policy, we don’t have that choice when it comes to genetically engineered (GE) ingredients in the foods we purchase and feed our families. But thanks to your tireless support, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) will… Read more »

Dr. Vandana Shiva on Just Food

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This is a good summary of what Vandana Shiva talks about lately. Even if you think you’ve heard it all before, I think this is a excellent one to watch and share. Forbes Magazine called Vandana Shiva one of the seven most influential women in the world. A noted philosopher, scientist and author, Dr. Shiva… Read more »

Australian Regulators Urged to Check Poison Threat from GM Food

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by Safe Food Foundation Cauliflower Mosaic Virus Australian food regulators are being urged to investigate alarming reports from Europe that GM crops worldwide may contain a gene that is potentially poisonous to humans. A study by the EU’s official food watchdog – the European Food Safety Authority – has revealed that the international approval process… Read more »

Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops

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by Jonathan Latham and Allison Wilson. Originally published on Independent Science News. Cauliflower Mosaic Virus How should a regulatory agency announce they have discovered something potentially very important about the safety of products they have been approving for over twenty years? In the course of analysis to identify potential allergens in GMO crops, the European… Read more »

The Lynas School of Pseudo-scientific Environmentalism – Twenty-two Pieces of Junk Science from the Lynas Manifesto

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by Dr Brian John, Past Lecturer in Geography, University of Durham 6th January 2013 Mark Lynas In a high-profile lecture to the recent Oxford Farming Conference, self-proclaimed neo-scientist Mark Lynas launched a vicious polemic, aimed at the organic farming movement and at those who oppose GM crops and foods and the activities of the GM… Read more »

Help Stop GM Canola in Oregon’s Willamette Valley

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Please read this important message from Oregonians for Farm & Food Rights regarding proposed canola production in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Attend the hearing on Jan. 23 or submit your written comment to the Oregon Department of Agriculture by Jan. 25. The Willamette Valley is one of the world’s last five great seed-growing regions. An… Read more »

Food MythBusters – Do We Really Need Industrial Agriculture to Feed the World? (video)

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Further Reading: A Farm for the Future (BBC video) The Rodale Institute’s 30-Year Farming Systems Trial Report Biodiverse Systems are More Productive The Food Crisis: “A Perfect Storm” – and How to Turn the Tide Orchestrating Famine – a Must-Read Backgrounder on the Food Crisis Food Futures Now – Feeding People & Place Without Fossil… Read more »