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What is Degrowth? Envisioning a Prosperous Descent

What is Degrowth? Envisioning a Prosperous Descent

This is a transcript of my keynote address presented at the ‘Local Lives, Global Matters’ conference in Castlemaine, Victoria, 16-18 October 2015. Other keynote speakers included Rob Hopkins, David Holmgren, and Helena Norberg-Hodge. Introduction Thank you for that introduction, Jacinta, good morning everyone. I would like to begin by acknowledging the traditional owners of this land and to recognise that these have always been spaces of teaching, learning, sharing, and […]

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Humanure Is No Laughing Matter, Part 2: The Easy-Does-It Instructions

featWhere Does the Sewage Go-

So, it would seem with one mountain of humanure now behind us—that, without a doubt, we should be composting human feces and urine (and, some would say, will eventually have no real choice in the matter)—it is now time to address exactly how this movement should begin. For those who missed last week’s article, please feel free to hit the pause button for a recap or simply press on knowing […]

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Baobs and Bunyas


The Boabs of Kimberley in the North West of Australia and the Bunyas of the north east coasts of Australia are two trees with outstanding appearance and function. These are two of my special interest trees the Boab Adansonia gegoeri and Bunya Araucaria bidwiili. My visits to the Kimberley began in the nineteen seventies and continued into the eighties. In the years 1999 to2003, I was living in the East […]

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Diversified Organic Market Gardening and Arboriculture


The method of Ferme du Bec Hellouin This report was originally published here and was translated by Marcus Busby. Ferme biologique du Bec Hellouin 27800 LE BEC HELLOUIN FRANCE Produce a lot in a small space, providing a diet invegetables for 1,000 people by the culture of land whose area does not nourish 50 if the ordinary methods were applied to it, and if anart did not come in […]

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6 Useful Ends for Spent Tea and Coffee

Coffee in the Garden (Courtesy of Montgomery Cty Division)

Coffee is just divine. I’ve woken up other ways and have even taken to drinking a glass of water first thing every morning, before coffee happens, but nothing makes the world feel so right as the sun coming up over a steaming mug, even in—especially in—the muggy climates of Central America, where I spend most of my time. My wife, on the other hand, comes from proper British roots and […]

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Designing on a Solid Foundation

Dan Halsey with Geoff Lawton

Good designing is grounded in knowledge of Permaculture and its systems. Great designing is based on experience. Its a progression of organized inquiry, organized assembly of the findings, and a willingness to allow the patterns to appear. Its a joy to watch the design emerge from all the patterns we lay across the board. We listen to the land and the customer, we do not impose our design on the […]

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Taking a Bite Out of Plastic Waste: New Research Offers Unexpected Promise as Permaculture Hack


Reducing plastic pollution has seemed a daunting prospect, until now. Can the tiny Mealworm bite off more than we can chew? According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans alone throw away 25 billion Styrofoam cups each year. Styrofoam is a common polystyrene product, which is a type of plastic. These materials pose a significant challenge to environmental health because they are created with robust molecular chains that tend […]

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This is a truly eye opening location to earn your PDC


This PDC is hosted by Geoff Lawtons’ renown colleagues Rhamis Kent and Salah Hammad on the award winning Greening the Desert Site in the Dead Sea Valley just 10km north of the Dead Sea and 6 km east of the Jordanian-Palestinian border, directly east of the West Bank. ABOUT THE LOCATION This is a truly eye opening location to earn your PDC. You will be studying on the lowest point […]

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Food Sovereignty


‘Food sovereignty’ is fast becoming a lost concept; the right to have the knowledge and resources to grow our own food is an essential right. If we don’t have access to nutrient dense organic food, then where do we get the essential energy to heal our body, mind and spirit certainly not from the supermarket where the average ‘fresh food’, in Australia food often travels more than 1000klms from farm […]

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Project Somos: Revisiting the Ethics of Permaculture in One Hip, Holistic NGO

Earthbag Domes at Project Somos

(all photos courtesy of Emma Gallagher) It took me two shuttles and two “chicken” buses to make it to Project Somos. Outside a little highway town called Tecpan, it’s a place rarely visited by the average tourist. Though it is conveniently located between two of the Guatemala’s most frequently visited locations, the colonial city of Antigua and Lake Atitlan, Project Somos is part of a tiny indigenous Mayan community that […]

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Introduction to Permaculture with Geoff Lawton at PRI Australia


Introduction to Permaculture Join Geoff Lawton as he takes you into the world of Permaculture Design and introduces you to a new way of looking at the world. This course is for anyone interested in learning more about Permaculture and how they can apply it in their everyday lives to create sustainable abundance. ABOUT THE TEACHER Geoff Lawton Geoff Lawton is the main facilitator for this PDC course. He a […]

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Rehydration to support diversity farming for sustainable food security


Hubert Timmenga is a soil scientist and environmental scientist practicing agricultural consulting in Western Canada. He obtained a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands and earned a PhD in Soil Science from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada. He recently completed Geoff Lawton’s 2015 Online PDC Course. Geoff suggested that Hubert write a paper on rehydration to encourage bigger-picture thinking. This […]

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