Against the Grain

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Click for full view Courtesy: Marc Roberts Russian president Medvedev puts unprecedented weather conditions down to Climate Change. The potential impacts on food supplies of this sort of occurrence are pretty clear. Further Reading: The Biology of Global Warming Rising Temperatures Raise Food Prices The Looming Food Crisis and the 2030 Report The Food Crisis:… Read more »

The Caffeine Did It?

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Warning: Irony alert. People without a sense of humour should proceed with caution. Some time ago the National Geographic did a piece on the connection between the introduction of caffeinated drinks into Europe and the Industrial Revolution. It’s hardly a coincidence that coffee and tea caught on in Europe just as the first factories were… Read more »

BP Target of “Irresponsible Act”

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Click for full view Courtesy: Marc Roberts Greenpeace shut down 50 BP flagged petrol station franchises in London in order to apply pressure on the incoming CEO, Bo Diddley, er… I mean Bob Dudley, as his predecessor heads for Siberia. I can’t see him giving a tuppenny shite, personally. He’s got a whole planet to… Read more »

How Small We Are

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I had to cheer someone up the other day. In my bid to be imaginative and put their blues into perspective, I remembered Monty Python’s ‘The Galaxy Song’ from The Meaning of Life. Yes, that’s right, don’t put me at top of your list of those who might be there to lift you out of… Read more »

Cool Collage of the Ten-Week Internship Program

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David Stockhausen, who is doing some cool work in San Francisco, recently came out to take our January-April 2010 Internship program, and went beyond the call of duty to also put together a rather cool collage of the experience. Nice one David! The April-July internship is now underway, and there are only a couple of… Read more »