The Oft-Forgotten Art of Growing Mulch

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What a Pile of Mulch (Courtesy of Joe Hoover) Mulching: We know we’ve got to do. Nothing else makes quite so much sense. It drastically lessens the water needed for growing plants, cutting the quantity easily in half and often much better than that. It feeds our plants by breaking down into fertile composted materials… Read more »

Rewilding Permaculture: Tending zones 4 and 5

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Much has been written on domestic permaculture(zones 1-3) and by now we all know the basics on growing domestic plants in accordance with natural systems. But, how do you encourage the wild edges of your land to produce more food and useful resources? In this article, I will discuss how to create a wild food… Read more »

Mushroom Cultivation

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Mushroom cultivation is an intricate, but rewarding art. The fungal networks called mycelium need specific conditions to produce healthy mushrooms. If the conditions are off, the mycelium will be too busy fighting microbes to produce healthy fruiting mushrooms. For the beginner, I recommend a mushroom growing kit. These kits come with a pasteurized substrate, grain… Read more »

Cultivating Drought-Resistant Heirloom Varieties for Your Permaculture Garden

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Copyright Ingrid Pullen Photography I live in Washington State, USA, and you may already know that we’re experiencing a state-wide drought. This is shocking: everyone jokes about how it’s always raining, so you’re lucky if you get a tan, but it hasn’t rained as much lately. Supposedly we were going to have the same amount… Read more »

Touring the Cedars of Lebanon

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Daniel Halsey, shows you the home of sustainable forestry for a thousand years, Lebanon has a history of foreign occupation, only matched by its resilient ability to maintain its resources in spite of political and social oppression. Imagine trees coppiced every 80 years, not annually or every few years. That takes dedication to long term… Read more »

Qualifying Dynamic Accumulators: a Sub-Group of the Hyperaccumulators.

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Chickweed (Stellaria media) is a popular Dynamic Accumulator. To the untrained eye, a lot of scientific language appears superfluous – yet may best describe some detail or process within a broader concept. The scientifically trained eye, likewise, may be suspicious of superfluous language. Robert Kourik first uses the phrase ‘dynamic accumulators’, in 1986 to describe… Read more »

Necessity Turns On the Innovative Side in Plants

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-Extreme nutrient scarcity pushes plant roots in Australian kwongan bushlands to cook up ingenious strategies to survive For a general onlooker, the Australian Outback is nothing more than a bland empty void with low scrubs and bushes. But the kwongan bushland found in the south-west Australia has an unusually rich biodiversity even though subsisting on… Read more »

The Magic and Mystery of Constructing a Herb Spiral and Why Every Suburban Lawn Should Have One

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Herb Spiral (Panama) One of the first permaculture projects I did was building an herb spiral, and to be honest, the design has never ceased to delight me. Undoubtedly, that one and the few spirals that followed are amongst the most beautiful garden beds I’ve made. More importantly, they are also amazingly productive and a… Read more »

Are you Environmentally Organic?

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Today the organic food movement is no longer considered to be a luxurious fad, enjoyed exclusively by those with the financial resources to care. Indeed, our common high street supermarkets have been cashing in on our desire to live a greener, more sustainable life and the organic market is thought to be worth in excess… Read more »