Food For Thought – Permaculture in Schools (South Africa)

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Watch the video above, and be inspired. I suspect that if many of our schools had been incorporating this kind of permaculture education over the last few decades, the world would today be in a far better situation, as many of the adults and young adults of the present generation would now already be eco-literate… Read more »

Eaglemont Project Matures (Australia)

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During the Christmas break VEG’s Dan & family paid a social call to customers-become-friends Julian & Linda in Eaglemont, Victoria, Australia. We documented the large-scale design and implementation project we completed for Julian & Linda last year (see the design and during photos here and some shots of where it was all at about 10… Read more »

Greening the Desert Internship 2012 – Greener than Ever

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Our one month long internship at the Greening the Desert Project (the ‘Sequel site’) just ended. Ten students arriving from seven different countries were part of the first internship to take place at the project site in the Dead Sea Valley in Jordan. This will be a journey through pictures on what Geoff, Nadia, the… Read more »

Psychedelic Garden Love

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by Dr Samuel Alexander, co-director of the Simplicity Institute and a lecturer with the Office for Environmental Programs, University of Melbourne. A huge ‘dome of heat’ over Australia has broken temperature records, and this heat has been so intense that the Bureau of Meteorology has been forced to create new colours for their charts, which… Read more »

My Post-Electric Washing Machine: The Deindustrial 2020

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by Dr Samuel Alexander, co-director of the Simplicity Institute and a lecturer with the Office for Environmental Programs, University of Melbourne. Introducing my post-electric washing machine, which I call the Deindustrial 2020. It’s of the future, not the past – although it does look rather like the old-style, Medieval 1450. It was made for only… Read more »

Cleaning House the Permaculture Way

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In permaculture design we look at the inputs and outputs of various components, and try to connect things to each other so that the supply from one thing meets the demand of another. We can grow our own food, and thus meet the nutritional needs of the family, and the organic waste is looped back… Read more »

The Edible City

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I believe that we will need to produce food in our urban centres, because I can’t figure out how else we are going to meet an increased demand from our cities. With over 50% of the world’s population living in them, currently relying on an unsustainable agricultural system to deliver all the nourishment they need,… Read more »

The Radical Technology of Christopher Alexander

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By Michael Mehaffy and Nikos Salingaros. First published in Metropolis Magazine. Though overshadowed by his written work, Alexander’s built work has been prodigious, with some 300 buildings around the world. Above, a title image from a 2009 exhibit at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Chances are, you have heard of Christopher Alexander because… Read more »

The MEGGA-Watt Project Moves Forward

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by Rene Michalak The "MEGGA-watt" Project (Micro-Energy Generating Garage Assembly) is a demonstration / prototype to turn everyday detached garages from simple storage units (aka ‘car-holes’) into food-growing and energy-generating systems using permaculture design. The basic concept is to partner a garage with an attached greenhouse and renewable energy to create sustainable 4-season growing systems… Read more »