The MEGGA-Watt Project Moves Forward

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by Rene Michalak The "MEGGA-watt" Project (Micro-Energy Generating Garage Assembly) is a demonstration / prototype to turn everyday detached garages from simple storage units (aka ‘car-holes’) into food-growing and energy-generating systems using permaculture design. The basic concept is to partner a garage with an attached greenhouse and renewable energy to create sustainable 4-season growing systems… Read more »

Pam Warhurst: How We Can Eat Our Landscapes (TED video)

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This is a fun and very inspiring talk by Incredible Edible Todmorden champion, Pam Warhurst, on the great work her town is doing in northern England and its growing influence around the world. One of the many encouraging things I take from this talk is hearing how local businesses in Todmorden are, with the renewed… Read more »

Preparing Our Children For a Resilient Future, Part IV: Localisation and Community

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Our local areas and community are likely to play a much bigger role in our future resilience, so it makes sense to begin to include active community participation in our children’s lives. Children often enjoy having a sense of being an important part of something that matters and even young children can develop a feeling… Read more »

Tackling the Urban Challenge

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Challenges and ideas for gardening in an urban environment…. Maximising space on a balcony Most people in the world today live in an urban environment. Although this comes with advantages such as closeness to facilities, community, markets etc., it also comes with challenges for those who would like to live more sustainably and are keen… Read more »

VEG Design Solutions, Part Three: How to Drain a Duck Pond Without Getting Poo on Your Hands

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Dan Palmer Photo © Craig Mackintosh by Dan Palmer, Very Edible Gardens The Site-Specific Design Problem The problem was how do you drain a duck pond in a way that directs the overflow to the same exit pipe as when you drain it totally doesn’t involve reaching your hand to the bottom of a pond… Read more »

A Computer Geek Starts a Garden, Part I – Background, Design and Initial Implementation

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The yard in winter, before work begins… A great many people today are living in fear. The future looks uncertain, but bleak. Many cannot see a future at all. The post-WWII baby boomer generation, with their short-lived cheap energy era, have been largely calling the shots, shaping the world we have today. After the miseries… Read more »

Lettuce Tree – Using Vertical Space for Balconies and Small Spaces

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I am trying to get the most out of my balcony space. Obviously, the vertical direction is the way to go… by Martin Korndoerfer Inspired by other bloggers, I wanted to try my luck with the much acclaimed lettuce tree. Reported challenges have been to keep the soil in the upper part from drying out…. Read more »

Please Support Marda Permaculture Farm (West Bank, Palestine)

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Murad Alkufash Photo © Craig Mackintosh This is an urgent call for support of the Marda Permaculture Farm, which is in dire need of financial support to bring it beyond day-to-day survival into a thriving, ecologically and economically sustainable farm and training center. At this time, its finances are at an all-time low, and immediate… Read more »

A Victory Garden’s First Year in Six Slide Shows (North Carolina, USA)

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November 2010-November 2011 went by quickly with a lot of hard labor double digging our compacted clay to see us produce a fair amount of veggie in a short period of time. After the summer months, we begin cover cropping. by Joshua Finch We started here in 2010: November 2010: One section of our typical… Read more »

Growing a Model Sustainable Campus – Help UMass Permaculture Documentary Part 3 of 3 Go Viral

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What does a model sustainable campus actually look like? A single action that sends a ripple effect into the world. And each day we throw thousands of stones into the vast sea around us. Many people I talk with are well aware that we live in a time of enormous global transformation. It may feel… Read more »