Calling for Before/After Site Photographs for Important John D. Liu Documentary

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Many of you know of the excellent work of the filmmaker, John D. Liu. Amongst other projects, John documented, over many years, the amazing transformation of China’s massive Loess Plateau from being a significantly degraded, and dangerous land (the vegetation-free landscape made for seriously destructive — even deadly — floods and soil erosion) to the… Read more »

Reflections on Bringing Permaculture to the White House and Meeting President Obama

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Editor’s Note: I want to congratulate Ryan and the UMass team on this significant milestone, and also wish to thank all of our readers who took a moment to vote to help ensure it came to pass. Onwards! The White House honors five young leaders as Champions of Change for outstanding leadership on their college… Read more »

Community Buys Own Supermarket – Mullumbimby NSW, Australia

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The small community of Mullumbimby in the Byron Shire of northern NSW, Australia, is currently in the process of determining their own food supply future by purchasing their local supermarket. This movement, which is gaining momentum daily at an amazing rate, began by chance, fate, serendipity — call it what you will. Greg Dutton, president… Read more »

Update on Progress on the Permaculture in Konso Schools Project and Our Last PDC at Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge, Konso, Ethiopia

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An international student simultaneously gains permaculture knowledge and experience, whilst supporting much-needed permaculture aid work and project establishment — aka: The Permaculture Master Plan. The latest PDC at Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge was a good step forward for us, as we managed to combine and integrate several objectives and deliver satisfactory results on all of… Read more »

12th Annual Pan-Hellenic Festival for the Exchange of Local Seed Varieties

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If you’re in Europe this April, consider a trip to the Peliti Seedbank in Mesochori, Greece. On April 21st – 23rd Peliti will be hosting the 12th Pan-Hellenic Festival for the Exchange of Local Seed Varieties. This annual festival, organized by Peliti ( since 1999, includes farmers, activists, researchers, students and thousands of visitors from… Read more »

Worldwide Permaculture Network Helps Projects Network and Prosper

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Get yourself (and your project) onto the permaculture map! I just wanted to share one of many expressions of gratitude we’ve received for our building and making the Worldwide Permaculture Network, launched a year ago, available to the world’s permaculturists. Dear Geoff and team, I am writing to advise you about an ambitious new permaculture… Read more »

White House Event to Be Live Streamed – Watch Permaculture on the U.S. National Stage!

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Hi All. We’re heading to Washington, DC in less than 48 hours and just found out the following: The White House Campus Champions of Change event will be live streamed on Thursday, March 15 from 2:50pm — 4:20pm (EST)! This means anyone can watch permaculture being talked about at The White House by tuning in… Read more »

The Konohana Family Farm – Successful Sustainable Living in Japan

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This micro-documentary about the Konohana Family Farm will take you to the heart of a successful intentional community flourishing about three hours from Tokyo. Their farm was established on the foothills of Mount Fuji, about 18 years ago, by a handful of people who sought an alternative lifestyle. They knew almost nothing about sustainable living… Read more »

Surveying Commons Activism on the International Stage

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The following is an adaptation of my notes for my talk at the Occupy Wall Street “Making Worlds” conference on February 16-18, 2012. I am so pleased that the Occupy and Commons movements are finding each other and starting a new conversation. Occupy is an incredible force for change. It has a bracing vision, a… Read more »