Report on Implementation Activities in Konso Secondary and Jarso Primary Schools in July 2012 (Ethiopia)

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In May 2012 we ran a PDC at Strawberry Fields Eco-Lodge on which we trained four local teachers, along with other participants, two from each of two local schools in Konso, South Ethiopia, where we are based. The selected teachers from the two schools, Konso Secondary and Jarso Primary, are science teachers responsible for the… Read more »

Beaufort Blokes Community Garden

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A 16-plot, all abilities access, community garden built by the Beaufort Blokes group in Victoria, Australia. by Carolyn Payne Beaufort Blokes is a community group supported by the local health department. They meet twice a month — one week they have lunch and play cards and board games, the other week they take a bus… Read more »

The Man Who Stopped the Desert: What Yacouba did next…

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Those who watched The Man Who Stopped the Desert (trailer here), will want to follow up with this short video — What Yacouba did next…. Yacouba Sawadogo has learnt something we all need to realise — that we can be a positive element on this planet, through observation and working with natural systems. The methods… Read more »

Permaculture: ‘A Rhymer’s Manual’

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From earthworms to "earworms" (songs that just won’t get out of your head), Charlie Jones is taking pattern learning a step further towards a dynamic, brave new approach to communicating and teaching concepts of permaculture with the creation of ‘Permaculture: A Rhymer’s Manual’.

The REAL Green Revolution In Africa: Permaculture in Zimbabwe With Julious Piti

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by Sustainable World Radio Julious Piti is a Permaculture designer and teacher, organic farmer, and conflict facilitator based in Zimbabwe. Julious has been using permaculture in Africa to restore the health of both land and community. A founding member of the Chikukwa Ecological Land Trust (CELUCT) and now the Director of PORET (Participatory Organic Research… Read more »

Creating Change in Communities and NGOs in Tanzania

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During June this year Tanzania hosted its second ever permaculture design course. Twenty-eight participants from around the globe gathered in the bustling northern town of Arusha for 11 wonderful days of learning and sharing. The Australian based non-government organization (NGO) FoodWaterShelter (FWS) initiated the organization of the PDC, motivated by their desire to see permaculture… Read more »

Nepal – An Opportunity for Regeneration

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The Annapurna Range from the beautiful Pokhara Valley, the future site of MVEF For two months in late 2010 I had the pleasure of volunteering with the Sustainable Agriculture Development Program of Nepal (SADP). Situated in an ‘off the beaten track’ valley of Central Nepal, the demonstration farm is surrounded by unreal beauty, including the… Read more »

Sinking the Lifeboats: Reflections on a Visit to Herbaiet A Nabi, South Hebron Hills

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It was on the second week of the PermaNegev course that I arranged a visit to the small village of Herbaiet a Nabi in the south Hebron Hills. We were going to inspect the renewable energy installations put in place there by the Israeli NGO Comet-ME (, and to gain a better understanding of the… Read more »

Six Week Intensive Permaculture Courses in the Negev

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We will be offering another Permaculture Course at the Bustan EcoKhan this summer. Sign up now to study permaculture in the Negev Desert! Intensive Permaculture, Arabic and Middle Eastern program at the Bedouin village of Qasr A-Sir. The 6-week intensive permaculture course allows participants to work closely with the indigenous Bedouin community of Qasr A-Sir… Read more »

Permaculture Research in the 21st Century: Web Surveys and Way, Way, Beyond

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Participation in Permaculture is a web survey designed to help us learn about who is doing permaculture, how we are participating, and how it’s affecting our lives and landscapes. It’s part of a emerging phenomenon: doing research to systematically track and assess our impacts. Holmgren and Mollison broke up with institutional science back when they… Read more »

A New Fundraising Tool for Permaculture

Posted by & filed under Community Projects, Ethical Investment. has just officially launched their permaculture crowd funding platform, bringing a new and exciting tool to the permaculture world, and an ability to easily and creatively raise funds. This platform helps organizations and individuals around the globe gather the resources needed to meet their goals. Effort, desire and passion do not tend to be… Read more »

The Promised Land

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This is the fate of young people today: excluded, but forbidden to opt out. by George Monbiot: journalist, author, academic and environmental and political activist, United Kingdom. Hounded by police and bailiffs, evicted wherever they stopped, they did not mean to settle here. They had walked out of London to occupy disused farmland on the… Read more »