72-Hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course: Permaculture for the Rural African Environment, Konso, Ethiopia

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This 13-day practical and demonstrative PDC will take place in Konso, south Ethiopia, from September 10th – 22nd 2012, at Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge. It will have a special focus on the application of permaculture to communities in the developing world. It will involve practical demonstrations both from Strawberry Fields’ own model permaculture site and… Read more »

A Permaculture Consultancy in Ethiopia

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Two hundred kilometers south of Addis we turn left at a little town called Achamo, and dive off the tarmac into a dusty, bumpy adventure somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the green rolling steppes of the south Ethiopian countryside. This is my first foray into Hadiyya country. We’ve just passed Siltie, my own… Read more »

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Great Public Spaces

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Why we need parks, streetlife, squares, markets, trails, community gardens and other hang-outs more than ever. by Jay Walljasper, On the Commons All photographs © Craig Mackintosh It’s a dark and wintry night in Copenhagen, and the streets are bustling. The temperature stands above freezing, but winds blow hard enough to knock down a good… Read more »

Pietro Zucchetti Interviews Chris Evans

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Chris Evans, who co-created the invaluable Farmers’ Handbook, has lived and worked in Nepal since 1985, co-founding the Jajarkot Permaculture Project, which successfully spread new ideas in line with existing cultural traditions. Chris started his career as a VSO volunteer in a community forestry programme in Nepal after graduating in Forestry in the UK. Based… Read more »

Letters from New Zealand – Koanga Sows Seeds of Change

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Current evidence indicates that New Zealand may well be "the youngest country on earth". Possible fellow competitors for this claim are Greenland, Iceland and Madagascar. All of these landscapes were so isolated they managed to avoid human settlement until relatively recent times. But these entrants in the competition look to be a couple of centuries… Read more »

Preparing Our Children For a Resilient Future, Part II: Food Security

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I doubt many would disagree that food is one of the most important things that we are going to need to become reconnected to, in times to come. Without a reliable food source, much hardship can be predicted and even potentially losses of life. In the future, food security will probably rely much more on… Read more »

Hope for a New Era: Before/After Examples of Permaculture Earth Restoration – Solving Our Problems From the Ground Up

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If you aren’t in a reading mood, and/or just came to look at the before/after photographs, click here to jump down the page. Loess Plateau, Early September, 1995 Loess Plateau, Early September, 2009 Rio+20 has been and gone, and, in the big scheme of things, has achieved little, or worse. With this post I’d like… Read more »

Rio+20: What Ecovillages Offer

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It is the start of Rio+20, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, and the Global Ecovillage Network has a strong contingent here from all over the world. We have erected a dome at the People’s Summit in Cupala dos Povos (Flamingo Park) and are providing a “Speaker’s Corner” for ecovillages, Transition Towns, Occupy, and others… Read more »

PRI Networking, the Value of Collaboration, and the Development of More PRI Education/Demonstration Projects

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Do we segregate…? Photos © Craig Mackintosh Most of us are by now wholly cognizant of the fact that the global response to long-brewing trouble has been well short of timely or appropriate. The world as a whole, if I were to be brutally honest, is taking three steps backwards for every few inches it… Read more »

Julious Piti from the Hugely Successful Chikukwa Project (Zimbabwe, Africa) to Give Talk in Santa Barbara (July 1, 2012)

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When: Sunday July 1, 6:30-9pm, 2012 Where: Fe Bland Auditorium, Santa Barbara City College, West Campus Cost: $10-$5 SBCC Students Please join the Santa Barbara City College Center for Sustainability on Sunday, July 1, as we host Julious Piti, founding member of the Chikukwa Ecological Land Use Community Trust (CELUCT) in Zimbabwe, whose ecological design… Read more »

Jordan PDC and Jordan Internship (October, November, 2012)

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The triangular shaped ‘Greening the Desert – the Sequel’ site, a two-year comparison. Photographs © Craig Mackintosh The next Jordan PDC course run by the PRI starts on October 27, 2012 and runs for 14 days. The next Jordan Internship starts 10 November, 2012 and runs for 27 days. These courses run concurrently and are… Read more »

Permaculture: a Path Toward a More Sustainable Amazon?

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Originally published on Mongabay.com An Eco-Ola permaculture plot with yuca, beans, sacha inchi, bananas, charapitas, herba luisa, and moringa in the Peruvian Amazon. Communities living in and around tropical forests remain highly dependent on forest products, including nuts, resins, fruit and vegetables, oils, and medicinal plants. But relatively few of these products have been successfully… Read more »