Permaculture: a Path Toward a More Sustainable Amazon?

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Originally published on An Eco-Ola permaculture plot with yuca, beans, sacha inchi, bananas, charapitas, herba luisa, and moringa in the Peruvian Amazon. Communities living in and around tropical forests remain highly dependent on forest products, including nuts, resins, fruit and vegetables, oils, and medicinal plants. But relatively few of these products have been successfully… Read more »

John D. Liu’s Green Gold Documentary – How the West (and East, North and South!) Could Be Won

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As most of our readers will know, John D. Liu caught a vision years ago, and, thankfully, he ran with it. We’ve shared John’s excellent media work before (see here and here), and today have the pleasure of doing so again…. This new video, Green Gold, was first aired last month on Dutch TV, and… Read more »

The Need for Data and Documentation to Move Permaculture Forward

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Bec Helouin, France. Photos and article by Richard Perkins A month into our epic family global film trip and we arrive at the beautiful and incredible La Ferme biologique du Bec Hellouin, an experimental organic farm being adapted according to permaculture principles. Bec Hellouin is home to Charles and Perrine Herve-Gruyer. Farmyard buildings are mostly… Read more »

Living Freely – Valuing the Marginal and Recycling Energy

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Plukrijp Community, Belgium Photos and article by Richard Perkins Wheat We are now a month into our epic global family film journey documenting active and replicable solutions in all areas of permaculture design. Our recent trip to the Plukrijp community has left a strong impression on us, an account we feel moved to share. Situated… Read more »

APC11 Presentation: Permaculture Disaster Response to Japan’s 2011 Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster, by Toru Sakawa

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At the recent Australasian Permaculture Conference (APC11) held in Turangi, New Zealand, one of the highlights for me was hearing Toru Sakawa’s tale of permaculture aid work in very unusual circumstances. I say unusual, as the triple woes of having an earthquake and tsunami followed by a nuclear disaster is somewhat unprecedented. Some parts of… Read more »

The Transition Trail to Resilience

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by Emma Crameri, Gustoso “The Transition Trail to Resilience” illustrates the steps our local communities can take to transition to living with climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy and oil. I was inspired by first developing The Permaculture Path to Sustainability which deals with how individuals and households can transition to a life… Read more »

Enhancing Permaculture Through Research

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Bill Mollison and David Holmgren developed permaculture through a combination of years of study and observation, many late night discussions and practical testing in the field (in fact it was a garden!) What has emerged since is a powerful network of action learners busy putting permaculture theory into practice the world over. But can we… Read more »

International Permaculture (May)Day

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Terania Creek, next to PRI Australia’s Zaytuna Farm Photos © Craig Mackintosh The inaugural International Permaculture Day — today — appropriately falls on the first Sunday of May, often known as ‘Mayday’. Permaculture, and its appropriate and holistic design science, is a powerful response to the world’s distress signals. Thankfully, more and more are coming… Read more »

International Permaculture Day, Sunday the 6th May, 2012

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Celebrates all things permaculture around the world. Get involved with International Permaculture Day! Permaculture in Ecuador The Permaculture Day concept is one that celebrates all things permaculture around the world on the same day or weekend, if possible. The events are hosted and funded by local permaculture people, groups or businesses with the benefits accruing… Read more »

Sustainable Garden Design Workshops – Event Round-up (Adelaide, South Australia)

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A series of free Sustainable Garden Design Workshops were held at various locations around Adelaide, South Australia, over the past couple of months and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the one held in the suburb of Salisbury, along with quite a large number of other people. All of the events were… Read more »