Linkfest – Edition 18

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Welcome to round eighteen of our News Linkfest, where we share the good, the bad, the ugly and the just plain interesting from what we’ve seen of late. To have your interesting discoveries included in the next Linkfest, please email editor (at) with links (and ideally a summary sentence outlining the key point of… Read more »

Community Buys Own Supermarket – Mullumbimby NSW, Australia

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The small community of Mullumbimby in the Byron Shire of northern NSW, Australia, is currently in the process of determining their own food supply future by purchasing their local supermarket. This movement, which is gaining momentum daily at an amazing rate, began by chance, fate, serendipity — call it what you will. Greg Dutton, president… Read more »

UMass Permaculture Wins White House Campus Champions of Change Challenge!

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We did it everyone! It is now official. The UMass Permaculture team will be heading to the White House on March 15! This has been an amazing and inspiring week to see the voting results unfold and be in the center of it all. I can’t thank everyone enough for the support you’ve provided us… Read more »

A Forest of Food in the Center of Seattle

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Click for larger view In the Beacon Hill community of Seattle a revolutionary community garden is being developed to feed her people. The Beacon Food Forest is transforming a previously unused piece of public land into a vibrant food forest filled with hundreds of different varieties of edible plants, fruits and nuts. The seven acre… Read more »

Permaculture Goes to the White House… With Your Vote!

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I’ve got some incredible news to share with you! The permaculture initiative that I facilitate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA) has been selected by the White House as a finalist for the Campus Champions of Change Challenge award! This means we are in the final round and the general public is now voting… Read more »

Kenya: Permaculture – Agriculture With a Green Touch

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Editor’s Note: This article appeared as the cover story for Kenya’s main newspaper — the Daily Nation — helping give top exposure to the just-established PRI Kenya. Warren Brush (see also) sent this through, and has been the main driver in helping get PRI Kenya off the ground, or onto the ground, as the case… Read more »

Cuba To Host Eleventh International Permaculture Conference (IPC11)

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Roberto Perez triumphantly rides a camel at IPC10, while looking forward to hosting IPC11 in Cuba, November 2013. Photo © Craig Mackintosh One of the tasks for attendees of each International Permaculture Conference (IPC) is to hear bids for hosting the subsequent IPC, consider the best option and to vote on it. Cuba, ground zero… Read more »

The PRI Restarts the Permaculture Teacher Registry

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Short Version If you’ve been waiting to apply to be a PRI PDC Teacher, we are now ready to receive your application (English only at this point — but read the rest of the post below to find out more about other languages). To apply, simply log into the Worldwide Permaculture Network, ensure you’ve clicked… Read more »

The Rodale Institute’s 30-Year Farming Systems Trial Report

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The Rodale Institute’s 30-year Farming Systems Trial report (1.3mb PDF) The Rodale Institute has been, for a full 30 years now, conducting a long-term comparative Farming Systems Trial. Starting in 1981, when it was already abundantly clear that industrialising nature was creating far more problems than it solved, the Rodale Institute began documented research comparing… Read more »

Permaculture Featured on New York Times

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We all know the world is looking for answers to very pressing questions — so it’s high time the mainstream media started to share them! As such, it’s great to see the following article on the New York Times website. Thanks to New York Times writer Michael Tortorello, and well done to Wayne Weiseman, David… Read more »

Jail Time for Planting Front Yard Garden?

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This is by-law madness, and it’ll have to change…. I rather blatantly encourage everyone to disregard dumb rules like this which would stop you from increasing your resiliency and demonstrating better use of your lawn space. The more of us who rebel against absurdity, the easier it becomes to legalise sustainability. I just hope you’ll… Read more »