Polyface Farm Documentary Campaign

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Trailer of ‘Polyfaces’ For the last two years we have been filming a documentary on Joel Salatin’s renowned Polyface Farm and its broad community of 5000 families that lie within a three hour ‘Foodshed’ of this unique operation in Swoope, Virginia. We do not need Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to feed the world, and this… Read more »

New Shop!

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Over the last few months, as I’m not travelling, I’ve been going through various parts of our site and doing some overdue reconstruction work. First was the new forum facelift, then, as I guess you’ve noticed, the main page you’re looking at right now got a new engine replacement and three coats of paint and… Read more »

Charter of the Deep Future: Enough, For Everyone, Forever

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Below is a short excerpt from Samuel Alexander’s new book, Entropia: Life Beyond Industrial Civilisation. This book is a creative work of fiction – a ‘utopia of sufficiency’ – which envisions a simple living community that became isolated on a small island after the collapse of industrial civilisation. Looking back from the future, the book… Read more »

Entropia: Life Beyond Industrial Civilisation

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Paul Gilding, author of The Great Disruption, has described Entropia as "a masterful work of the imagination… a literary manifesto that will inspire, challenge, and give hope." Richard Heinberg, author of The End of Growth, has praised the book as follows: "Overflowing with insight and beautifully written, Entropia unveils the radical implications of moving beyond… Read more »

Writing “Toolkit for Climate Stabilization with Tree Crops” (Kickstarter Campaign)

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I’m writing "Carbon Farming: A Global Toolkit for Stabilizing the Climate with Tree Crops and Regenerative Agriculture Practices" To save the planet we may need to turn it into an edible paradise… help me write the book that explains how and why. Perennial crops and regenerative farming practices can help stabilize the climate by sequestering… Read more »

Film Review: One Day, Everything Will Be Free

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Trailer As permaculture-, environmental-, or philanthropic-based tourism is becoming increasingly promoted by the media, I often feel like I am being sold an idea, experience, or even indulgence for my unsustainable lifestyle. If I want to have an ‘experience’, as a tourist, I want to be introduced to new thought patterns that challenge me to… Read more »

Stories from our Food Gardens (e-Book)

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The world is dotted with individuals that are driving change from the inside out, inspired by the principles and approach of permaculture. I wanted to share with you “Stories from our Food Gardens” an e-publication made possible by the Saville Foundation here in South Africa, written by Melveen Jackson. Their partnership is an example of… Read more »

Gardening with Perennial Vegetables DVD

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I’m announcing the release of the Gardening with Perennial Vegetables DVD, the companion to my Perennial Vegetables book. Almost three hours long, the DVD visits my own cold-climate garden, Las Canadas in the Mexican cloud forest, and ECHO in subtropical Florida. Many species are covered, as well as practical techniques and gardening ideas. You can… Read more »

How To Survive the Coming Crises (free Geoff Lawton video)

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At time of writing, our Zaytuna Farm Video Tour video has had almost 11,000 views, after only six months. A lot of people expressed their appreciation for this video, with some describing it as a "free DVD". Where we can, we want to provide more inspirational/instructional material for free, and today I’m writing to let… Read more »

Support ‘Seeds of Permaculture’ – a Free Documentary About Tropical Permaculture

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Seeds of Permaculture Trailer While working as a site manager at a startup permaculture education center in Thailand I had the unique opportunity to participate in the filming of a documentary film about permaculture and, in particular, the education center I was helping to create. This film is now moments away from having an opportunity… Read more »

Genetic Roulette Documentary – Free Viewing Period Extended Until End of October 2012

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A few days ago I informed that you could watch the Genetic Roulette Documentary for free until October 17. Well, several organisations have kindly sponsored an extension of this free viewing period until the end of October. With Proposition 37 coming up on November 6 in California, there’s no time like the present to get… Read more »