Introduction to Apiculture Course (Beekeeping) with Peter Stace at the PRI Zaytuna Farm, NSW, Australia

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Photo © Craig Mackintosh What: Introduction to Apiculture Course (Beekeeping) Where: At the PRI Zaytuna Farm, NSW, Australia When: 4, 5 & 6 September 2013 Items covered in the Introduction to Apiculture Course are apiculture and safety, introduction to a beehive, site selection, assembly of hive equipment, owning and managing bee hives, catching a swarm,… Read more »

Supporting the Spread of Zimbabwe Permaculture

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In February 2012 we ran a story here at PRI about a film being made about a fantastic permaculture project in Zimbabwe. It was about a community called Chikukwa where permaculture has naturalized itself and over 22 years has moved a community of 7000 people from hunger and malnutrition to abundance. In a recent article… Read more »

New Allan Savory Podcast and Free Webinar

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We are getting pretty excited about welcoming Allan Savory to Australia in a couple of weeks to enliven a discussion about how Holistic Management can play a key role in our future land regeneration strategies. In anticipation of his upcoming Aussie tour, Allan just recorded a podcast over at The Wellness Couch. It’s great to… Read more »

Hive Design and the Honey Bee

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The bee is more honoured than other animals, not because she labours, but because she labours for others. — St John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, d.407 What is in a design? Why do hives differ so much? Which hive is best? Choosing the best hive for your bees doesn’t need to be complicated. Once people… Read more »

PRI Konso, South Ethiopia to Run Two PDC-Internship Combos This Coming September-October and December-January

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PDC, September 2013 4-week Internship, Sept/Oct 2013 PDC, December 2013 4-week Internship, Dec/Jan 2013/14 Strawberry Fields Eco-Lodge is pleased to announce we are running our 29th and 30th PDCs in September and December 2013 and a 4-week Internship to follow each, at our educational, demonstration site in South Ethiopia. We are based in Konso, a… Read more »

Permaculture Tools workshop at Zaytuna Farm with Danial Lawton (27-29 May, 2013)

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by William Hill Permaculture Tools owner, Danial Lawton Permaculture tool expert and business owner Danial Lawton conducted a hand tool workshop at the Permaculture Research Institute Zaytuna Farm at the end of May. Presenting to students of the internship program, he shared his extensive knowledge of his unique hand tools, demonstrating their correct usage in… Read more »

Upcoming Permaculture Courses at the PRI Zaytuna Farm, July 2013 Update

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At PRI Zaytuna Farm we run three 10-Week Internship programs per year. In the past five years this Internship Program has included five subject specific courses – a Permaculture Earthworks Course, Permaculture Project Establishment Course, Learn how to Teach Permaculture Creatively Course, Urban Permaculture Design Course and a Sustainable Soils Management Course – which have… Read more »

The Eleventh International Permaculture Conference & Convergence (IPC11), Cuba (Nov/Dec 2013)

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Permaculture has for more than 30 years been an innovative system of techniques based on the best practices of traditional cultures of the planet, knowledge learnt from Nature and its ecosystem functioning and the adoption of new technologies that are ecologically friendly. All of this, combined with deep ethics and design principles to integrate the… Read more »

PDC With FWS in Tanzania, June 2013

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Click for larger view (2mb PDF) Following the success of our 2012 PDC, FoodWaterShelter is pleased to offer you the chance to join USA based instructor Steve Whitman and a team of local teachers in Arusha, Tanzania from June 17th to 28th 2013 for two weeks of intensive learning and an incredible networking opportunity. Click… Read more »

PDC at Possum Creek – A Unique Convergance

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The newly established Possum Creek, only10 mins from Byron Bay in northern NSW, Australia, will play host to some of Australia’s leading educators and PRI almuni. This August 18-31, 2013 we will see a unique learning experience occur at Possum Creek when the first Permaculture Design Course for this amazing property will take place. One… Read more »