Strawberry Fields Update: Flood Protection and Water Control in Ethiopia, Part II

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We previously published a report on the development of our site’s flood control and defense infrastructure in October 2010. This is an update on that which goes on to describe some of our plans for developing that infrastructure more in the future. Just to recap on the basics of our situation: in times of rain,… Read more »

Holistic Management Training in Lismore, Northern NSW, Australia, April 2013

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VXESJJHEQ84A Terra Sancta Permaculture and InsideOutside Management are having another Holistic Management training session in Lismore, Northern NSW. We have just finished up on our first and I can say that it’s the best training I have undertaken. For those that missed out the first time, you’re in luck. Teaming Holistic Management with Permaculture has… Read more »

Local Farming Wisdom Goes Global: Verge to Broadcast Joel Salatin’s First-Ever Livestream Course Around the World

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When sustainable agriculture superstar Joel Salatin agreed to come teach for us, we knew we had to make it count. Joel’s message of reclaiming farming and food production has been so influential to us, and to like-minded people around the world, that we knew his three days of workshops in Alberta, Canada weren’t going to… Read more »

Foodwatershelter’s 2013 Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Courses in Arusha, Tanzania

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Foodwatershelter’s 2012 Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course in Arusha, Tanzania was a great success. In 2013 you have two opportunities to join the growing number of people around the world who are improving their self-reliance and learning concepts for sustainable living through permaculture techniques. Join us for our first ever Kiswahili PDC between the 8th… Read more »

Permaculture Education and Research in USA: Expanding Connectivity Between Islands of Fertility

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Giving opportunities for young people to make a living improving the world is the great need of the hour As more and more people in developed nations (and the USA in particular) become aware of the effects of their personal decisions on ecologies and economies at local and global scales, both the supply and demand… Read more »

Geoff Lawton Visits Cal-Earth Permaculture Course

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Pictures and Text by Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture For a second year we co-delivered with the Cal-Earth teaching staff a combined Superadobe Earth Building and Permaculture Design Certificate Course.  At the close of our course we were pleased to host Geoff and Nadia Lawton of PRI Australia who shared their work in desert environments with us in… Read more »

Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge 4-Week Group Internship at PRI Master Plan Site, Konso, Ethiopia

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There are those points in life where it’s all up-hill struggle, when you know there’s so much to be done that it’s not even worth contemplating it all, you just have to keep your eyes on the ground in front of you and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Then there are… Read more »

Fields of Farmers – Let’s Start the Conversation with Joel and Daniel Salatin

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As 2012, “The Year of the Farmer”, came to a close, the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ latest insights into the country’s ageing farming population tells an urgent and cautionary tale that was largely overlooked. Critical Human Succession Today the average Australian farmer is 53 years old (with 25% over 65) and the issue of ‘structural… Read more »