Perennial Plants and Permaculture

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Rhubarb Currently, approximately 80% of the food crops grown in the world are annual plants, and it’s been this way for quite some time. Perennial plant food crops are pretty much in the minority in terms of how the human race derives its nutrition. Permaculture strongly emphasises the importance of using perennial plants in our… Read more »

Geoff Lawton’s Zaytuna Farm Video Tour (Apr/May 2012) – Ten Years of (R)Evolutionary Design

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Paradise Dam, April 2012, from the now-climaxing food forest Photos © Craig Mackintosh (unless otherwise indicated) Zaytuna Farm Video Tour, duration 41 minutes Note: Switch YouTube player to HD if your internet connection allows Having spent the last few years seeking to establish and assist projects worldwide, and hearing some readers requesting more info on… Read more »

John D. Liu’s Green Gold Documentary – How the West (and East, North and South!) Could Be Won

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As most of our readers will know, John D. Liu caught a vision years ago, and, thankfully, he ran with it. We’ve shared John’s excellent media work before (see here and here), and today have the pleasure of doing so again…. This new video, Green Gold, was first aired last month on Dutch TV, and… Read more »

Getting Kids Into Gardening, Part IV: Creativity in the Garden

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Inspiring our children to develop an enthusiasm for gardening is a wonderful gift we, as parents or caregivers, can give them. This theme revolves around using the garden and its produce as an outlet for creativity. The following ideas will hopefully help give you some starting points for helping your children make the most of… Read more »

Trellises For Your Summer Food Crops

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If you are thinking of planting tomatoes, cucumbers, winter squash, peas, beans or any vining plant, it’s worth considering growing them vertically to save space in your annual garden area. Permaculture principles urge us to create no waste and to find multiple functions for whatever we do. Instead of rushing to your garden center to… Read more »

Geospatial Analysis and Living Urban Geometry

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By Pietro Pagliardini (1), Sergio Porta (2) & Nikos A. Salingaros (3). Chapter 17 in: Bin Jiang and Xiaobai Angela Yao, Editors, Geospatial Analysis and Modeling of Urban Structure and Dynamics, Springer, New York, 2010, pages 331-353. (1) Pagliardini Rupi Andreoni & Gazzabin, Studio d’Architettura, Via Eritrea 9, 52100 Arezzo, ITALY. (2) Urban Design Studies… Read more »

Let’s Explore Ridley Grove Community Garden! (Adelaide, South Australia)

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What do you do with an old church car park? Turn it into a community garden, of course! And that’s how the Ridley Grove Community Garden — a child, pet and disabled person friendly garden in the Adelaide suburb of Woodville Gardens — came into being. The first thing they did was to bring in… Read more »

A Recipe for a Hugelkultur Raised Bed

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I’ve been wanting to do a hugelkultur bed ever since I saw an article about a village store garden where people could walk around these really tall raised beds picking their veggies without bending. Hugelkultur is a Central European-style raised bed which uses rotting wood as its foundation. Toby Hemenway mentions it in Gaia’s Garden,… Read more »

Constructed Wetlands Treat Waste Water with Weeds

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Overview Effluent processing all over the world requires large amounts of energy and/or chemicals to treat the waste water, or the waste water is improperly filtered before being returned to the environment. There are a number of solutions to lessen the waste water load while at the same time producing a net benefit. Systems that… Read more »