We the Tiny House People (Video)

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What does it mean to have a house? What defines a home? Is there an appropriate size or should there be a legal amount of space per inhabitant? What is enough or too much? Our Western education teaches us to own a house at all costs, to move away from our parents and build our… Read more »

Geoff Lawton’s Zaytuna Farm Video Tour – Part II

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Last year I took some time out to make a Zaytuna Farm Video Tour for you all (embedded here, with lots of photos and text). The positive comments, both on our site and on YouTube, along with additional questions (see comments below this post), encouraged us to make another! This new video, above, shot 11-12… Read more »

Permaculture Gardening in a Wildlife Environment – the Real Meaning of Food Security (South Africa)

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There are many challenges involved in building your own permaculture garden. The choice to avoid inorganic fertilizers and pesticides makes the art of gardening a balancing act which is trouble enough on its own. However, what happens when your garden is located in an area naturally inhabited by wild animals? Even living in an urban… Read more »

How to Build a Rocket Stove Mass Water Heater

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With deforestation still moving ahead apace, dealing with the global demand for fuel wood is critical. Life without heat and hot water would be very unpleasant. Life without trees is impossible…. And to satiate our hunger for heat, richly biodiverse forests are being replaced with ‘sterile’ monoculture tree plantations which give rise to tree diseases… Read more »

Australia’s First Earthship

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by Danielle Wolff-Chambers and Shelley Clements Here we are in Queensland, May 2013, half way through an Earthship build. It is the first one to be built in Australia and has been experimental in many ways. We started the build in January with a very diverse group of about 50 people ranging in experience, age… Read more »

Australia’s First Earthship – Finishes Workshop (Queensland)

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We are very excited to announce the finishes workshop for Australia’s first Earthship in Queensland, Australia. The Earthship design concept and systems have been applied to the subtropical climate of the area. Come and see the rammed earth tyres, the can walls, the earth berm, the hempcrete roof and all other components of this Earthship…. Read more »

Bread for all – Community Oven

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I met Fabrice at the top of the hill in the lovely forest at Whangateau in New Zealand, a scenic spot in the middle of the North Island. Fabrice was kind and smiling as usual, with an honest desire to talk about his project and share pure wisdom on natural building and carpentry. He has… Read more »

Bamboo Wattle and Daub Structures

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Photos © Craig Mackintosh The main buildings at the PRI’s Zaytuna Farm remind me a little of those cute homes I saw in tales in children’s books as a kid. You know — the edible type, made of sugar, etc. The natural colour, texture and shape all lend themselves to this nostalgia. But, despite appearances,… Read more »

Worm Bin and Chicken Poop Compost Catch

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by Rick Pickett, Eco-Ola Rehabilitating degraded land in the Peruvian Amazon requires utilizing many tools in ecological agriculture’s arsenal. We use a mix of sea kelp, calcium solutions, organic fertilizers, and rock phosphate to add nutrients to our sacha inchi and mocambo polycultures. One fertilizing solution we were without on the farm when I arrived… Read more »