The Cynefin Permaculture Project (North Wales)

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If you want to make permaculture happen, then just start. This is the story of how one garden ended up providing work, food and fun for people in the community of Gwynedd, Wales. History It was autumn, March 2012, and unemployment was at an all time high in North Wales. I was a qualified permaculture… Read more »

Help the Manda Wilderness Project (Mozambique)

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Nelson Mandela once said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Help to change the world by changing one life — the Manda Wilderness Agricultural Project’s very own Assistant Manager and Agriculture Training Specialist, Hilda Cangoma. Your contribution, large or small, will help Hilda become the first… Read more »

Permaculture Park at Lebensgarten, Steyerberg, Germany

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Lebensgarten — Garden of Life — is a community located in Lower Saxony, Germany. Built on the site of a former Nazi arms factory, the community has 62 houses. Lebensgarten has a large permaculture park, in which agriculture and human settlements are modeled after nature. This video features interviews with Declan Kennedy, Roland Wolf and… Read more »

From Traffic Jams to Ecocities – Interview with Richard Register, President of Ecocity Builders

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Marcin Gerwin: In many cities there are problems with traffic jams. The streets are clogged with cars and as a response mayors build new roads or widen the streets. Old buildings are demolished to make way for new lanes so that a highway running through the middle of the city could be built. Would you… Read more »

Fields of Farmers – Let’s Start the Conversation with Joel and Daniel Salatin

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As 2012, “The Year of the Farmer”, came to a close, the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ latest insights into the country’s ageing farming population tells an urgent and cautionary tale that was largely overlooked. Critical Human Succession Today the average Australian farmer is 53 years old (with 25% over 65) and the issue of ‘structural… Read more »

Helping Small Farmers Help Themselves, on Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya

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Fishing boats on Rasinga Island, Kenya I was invited by PRI Kenya to teach a special PDC course in December 2012, tailored to small rural farmers — 50% women, 50% men — on Rusinga Island, Kenya. The entire course was taught in English and Luo, the native language on Rusinga. One of the biggest challenges… Read more »

Crystel Vultier: From PDC Student to Local Food Purveyor (Alberta, Canada)

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by Rob Avis Crystel Vultier is a true local food purveyor for her home town of Canmore, AB. Over the past several years she has been instrumental in creating the Canmore Community Garden which now provides plots for over 100 gardeners in the city and area. She has also created a project called Farm Box… Read more »

Greeks Return to the Land

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Those who read Bad News, and Good News, for Greece, It’s Time to Re-Ruralise and Greeks Reclaim the Land to Ease the Pain of Economic Austerity will want to follow up with this encouraging video. For the last several decades, modern society has been shaped by Big Business with a very narrow focus combined with… Read more »

Love Vs. Fear

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Imagine if we could help someone change their life for the better permanently, in under three years. Or imagine being in direct contact with the people on the ground, turning their semi-desert home back to an abundant food forest using permaculture, perhaps even going over and helping out…. Imagine being able to offer advice and… Read more »

Video Spotlight on Kotare Village (New Zealand)

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You’ll enjoy this little video, a nice collage of thoughts and scenery and developing community integration. This is Kotare Village in the North Island of New Zealand, where PRI New Zealand (Koanga Institute) is making excellent headway into creating a model community where freedom of individual expression is combined with cohesion of collective purpose. And,… Read more »