Investing: The Option They Never Told You About

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Maximum security, maximum return. Who doesn’t want that? In a world of uncertainty and change, more than a few people are reconsidering where it is they want their money. I grew up being encouraged to save and invest in savings. The two are not the same thing. To invest in savings is to invest in… Read more »

Pioneering Permaculture in Ethiopia

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Pioneering is an essential function in the establishment of eco-systems. It refers to the initial colonisation of previously uninhabited habitat by a class of species (‘pioneers’) which are specially adapted to living in the harsh conditions of an otherwise uninhabited environment. Pioneers are generally short lived with small and abundant seed and have long range… Read more »

Seeking Support for Worthy African Participants to Attend PDC and Internship in Konso, Ethiopia in April-May 2013

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Editor’s Note: As many of you know, we (the PRI) seek to spread permaculture take-up to all people everywhere, but a main focus, as we are able to finance it, is to help establish and support self-replicating permaculture demonstration/education sites in some of the world’s neediest regions. Many of you will have followed Alex’s noble… Read more »

The Tale of a Local Community Network (Melbourne, Australia)

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I attended the Community Gardens Conference in Canberra in 2010. Myles Bremner, CEO of Garden Organic, Europe’s main organic gardening organization, was speaking about how surprised he was that in Australia there was no unified network of Community Gardens. In fact in Australia no one even knows exactly how many there are. This highlighted for… Read more »

SOIL (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods) Turns Problem into Solution With Composting Toilets (Haiti)

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A few months ago I shared a three minute video from John D. Liu of the EEMP about the work of SOIL (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods) — an organisation that’s doing great work in Haiti to improve sanitation in a sustainable and affordable way, whilst simultaneously turning the problem (human waste) into a solution (improving… Read more »

Oyster Mushroom Production: Prosperity and Problems for a Small NGO in Tanzania

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The desire for sustainable projects for non-government organisations and the need of reliable sources of income for small scale farmers is ever increasing in Tanzania and the ‘developing world’. Within international development ‘sustainability’ is a buzz-word often bandied round, with many communities and organisations slowly helping to transform traditional top-down development models to investing in… Read more »

Economics of Happiness Conference March 15-17 2013, Byron Bay, Australia

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The Economics of Happiness is a 2011 documentary film directed by Helena Norberg-Hodge, Steven Gorelick, and John Page, and produced by the International Society for Ecology and Culture. The film has been widely acclaimed and received numerous awards but most pertinently it has linked a number of cutting edge thinkers across the globe who are… Read more »

Nepal – An Opportunity for Regeneration, Part II

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Actual view from Mountain View Eco Farm site As some readers may remember, I wrote an article last August outlining my experience at the Sustainable Agriculture Development Program of Nepal, and of the farm manager’s (Govinda Paudel) dream of establishing his own permaculture inspired education and demonstration farm. Well, at long last, Govinda has managed… Read more »

Permaculture Education and Research in USA: Expanding Connectivity Between Islands of Fertility

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Giving opportunities for young people to make a living improving the world is the great need of the hour As more and more people in developed nations (and the USA in particular) become aware of the effects of their personal decisions on ecologies and economies at local and global scales, both the supply and demand… Read more »

Social Permaculture: Principles in Action

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Photo by Lisa DePiano Permaculture as a movement has most of the knowledge, tools and resources that we need to create a regenerative society in the physical sense. Just Google ‘passive solar design’ or ‘aquaculture’ and you will find hundreds of books, articles and how-tos. Certainly we can fine tune and experiment but the harder… Read more »

The Cynefin Permaculture Project (North Wales)

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If you want to make permaculture happen, then just start. This is the story of how one garden ended up providing work, food and fun for people in the community of Gwynedd, Wales. History It was autumn, March 2012, and unemployment was at an all time high in North Wales. I was a qualified permaculture… Read more »

Help the Manda Wilderness Project (Mozambique)

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Nelson Mandela once said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Help to change the world by changing one life — the Manda Wilderness Agricultural Project’s very own Assistant Manager and Agriculture Training Specialist, Hilda Cangoma. Your contribution, large or small, will help Hilda become the first… Read more »