Establishing a Food Forest 3-Hour Session with Geoff Lawton (Calgary, August 14, 2014)

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Geoff Lawton, the internationally beloved permaculture teacher, is headed to Calgary to film our site, so we couldn’t help but ask him to teach for us. Join us for this exclusive opportunity to learn from Geoff himself in this 3 hour session: “Establishing a Food Forest”! What: Establishing a Food Forest 3-hour session with Geoff… Read more »

Tips and Insights from Miracle Farms (Canada)

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Recently Michelle, Rowan, Naomi and I embarked on a cross-country train trip to attend a family reunion in the eastern townships of Quebec. With a little extra time left over after the festivities, I decided to connect with Stefan Sobkowiak of Miracle Farms for a day, having come across Stefan’s work in the amazing YouTube… Read more »

Permaculture Business, Part 2: On Opportunities

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by Rob Avis Read Part I here! Opportunity is about seeing things differently What is amazing about permaculture is the number of solutions that are contained within the design system. I often say that the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) provides people with a solution matrix they can use to run their problems through. A lot… Read more »

Gains From Catching Rain In Drains: A Video Explanation Of The Rain Tank Project (Alberta, Canada)

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This summer we installed our last major rainwater harvesting feature on our property. This rain tank is unique because it is integrated into our hardscape (patio) so it’s completely invisible to the untrained eye. In this video I talk about how it was built, how it fills, what we use it for and details on… Read more »

Rob’s Modified Walipini

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When a friend of mine told me that they wanted to build a walipini, my first reaction was, of course, “what the heck is a walipini?” The answer was simple: a walipini is an underground passive solar style greenhouse. It’s an innovative and potentially inexpensive way to grow food in our cold northern climate. When… Read more »

Permaculture Voices Mega-Conference (California, USA, March 13-16, 2014)

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What is Permaculture Voices? It’s the world’s largest professional permaculture conference, taking place in Temecula, CA, USA, this March 13-16, 2014. In other words, four epic days of networking, inspiration and learning from some of permaculture’s greatest pathfinders. Come out and see our own Geoff Lawton speak alongside Joel Salatin, Michael Pollan, Paul Wheaton, Allan… Read more »

Investing Like An Ecosystem

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Over the last few years, I have been formulating my opinion on how to approach investing and what do to with extra cash. And I can’t believe how many people have told me in the last few months that they are anticipating another huge market correction basically any time now. Mulling all of this over… Read more »