Political Barbed Wire

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Why are 97% of our rivers shut to the public? A millionaire minister’s amazing conflicts of interest give you a clue. by George Monbiot Nowhere in Britain is power more concentrated than in the countryside. Some people claim we have the second lowest distribution of land in the world, after Brazil. Because (thanks to the… Read more »

Smart Phones, Dumb Companies

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17 years, and the phone companies still haven’t sorted out the issue of conflict minerals. by George Monbiot If you are too well connected, you stop thinking. The clamour, the immediacy, the tendency to absorb other people’s thoughts, interrupt the deep abstraction required to find your own way. This is one of the reasons why… Read more »

Frozen Assets

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Why are we exploiting unconventional gas when we can’t afford to burn existing supplies? by George Monbiot Click for larger view There’s only one way of knowing whether or not governments are serious about climate change: have they decided to leave most of their fossil fuel reserves in the ground? We have already discovered far… Read more »

Corporate Blowback

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Companies like EDF, seeking to terrify protesters with lawsuits, are likely to become victims of their own aggression. by George Monbiot Image: Todd Wiseman Without public protest, democracy is dead. Every successful challenge to excessive power begins outside the political chamber. When protest stops, politics sclerotises: it becomes a conversation between different factions of the… Read more »

Secrets of the Rich

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Billionaires are hiding behind a network of “independent” groups, who manipulate politics on their behalf. by George Monbiot Conspiracies against the public don’t get much uglier than this. As the Guardian revealed last week, two secretive organisations working for US billionaires have spent $118m to ensure that no action is taken to prevent manmade climate… Read more »


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How the government betrayed its promises to protect our seas. by George Monbiot If the European Union decides to ban fishing boats from discarding the edible fish they catch, it’ll land the British government in a spot of bother. It’s been using the discards issue as its excuse for justifying overfishing.

Betting on Extinction

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Ladbroke’s is offering odds on fish populations collapsing; the government is shortening them. by George Monbiot I’ve come across some odd ways to make a living, but few as strange as this. The gambling company Ladbrokes has been offering odds on the conservation status of various fish species. Until last night it was taking bets… Read more »

Another Country

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The way we are governed is inexplicable – until you understand the upbringing of the elite. by George Monbiot Those whom the gods love die young: are they trying to tell me something? Due to an inexplicable discontinuity in space-time, on Sunday I turned 50. I have petitioned the relevant authorities, but there’s nothing they… Read more »

Life is Elsewhere

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In both Russia and Canada a bloodbath of wolves is now taking place. by George Monbiot If, as she has threatened, Brigitte Bardot moves to Russia in protest at the treatment of animals in France, she’s in for a major shock.

New Weather, New Politics

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The extremes now hammering Australia leave old perspectives stranded. by George Monbiot Five children and their grandparents survived an inferno by spending three hours clinging to a jetty in the sea I wonder what Tony Abbott will say about the record heatwave now ravaging Australia. The opposition leader has repeatedly questioned the science and impacts… Read more »