Start Growing! Part 3: Don’t Waste Another Minute Until You Know What Your Time is Worth!

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Find previous episodes of this Start Growing! series. If you’re a farmer, you live with risks that range from weather to injury to financial ruin. But why should you bust your hump from dusk till dawn with stress and risk for less than you’d get pumping gas or working construction? The answer to that question… Read more »

The End of Email Privacy

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A month ago, I wrote an article called Internet Privacy for Permaculturists that recommended switching to a secure email service called Lavabit as other email companies help the NSA spy on their own users. As it turns out, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden used Lavabit email as well. Why not anymore? Because the entire service just… Read more »

Internet Privacy for Permaculturists

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Us permies are more known for our ability to repair landscape and create eco-paradises of food abundance than computer wizardry. What can we do in this world of total government surveillance and rampant cyber-crime? As a permaculture professional and former IT consultant of global corporations, I thought I’d share with you some basic steps you… Read more »

Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Internship

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Looking back to 2011, I recall the fond memories of our internship at PRI Australia. We had been volunteering and travelling round the world for four years looking for adventure, excitement and meaning. I have been reading about permaculture for some time, but so far it has only been an intellectual pursuit and fascination. But… Read more »