Eagle’s Deep Permaculture Farm Update

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One of Bill Mollison’s famous quote’s is, let your site demonstrate its evolution. Earthworks hydrology construction is one of the first big steps in getting a property established and can be an invaluable investment into its future, so it is something you want to get right. Earthworks going wrong can be very expensive and a… Read more »

Regenerative Farm Forestry 2-day Course, with David Spicer at Eagles Deep Farm, Tatong, Victoria, Australia (May 31 – June 1, 2014)

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Learn how to manage our exciting native forest for saw logs, pole wood, fence post, firewood, etc., while having a very beneficial effect on the structure of the forest itself – increasing bio-diversity from the forest floor up to the canopy. You will also learn the basics of portable sawmills. Find out how relatively easy… Read more »

Managing a Coppiced Eucalypt Forest

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In Australia we really need to get back to our European roots of coppiced forest systems. As Darren Doherty states, we push out the stump after we cut the tree, when the eucalypts coppice beautifully. Ben Law, author of The Woodland Way, also talks about the various products that come from a coppiced forest in… Read more »

Wadeye Permaculture Project Update

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Recently I received a photolog update on the Wadeye permaculture project in the Northern Territories (see previous posts here and here), where myself and other great permaculturist were employed by Earth Ethics to install a permaculture garden system. I like to describe the earthworks as the bones of the system and the living components —… Read more »

Talking Swales

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While at Wadeye, Northern Territory, Australia, installing a permaculture design for Earth Ethics, this video was taken when I was explaining how to install swales and level sill spillways and what their function is, to some of the guys working on site. So if you want to understand how to install swales and spillways, this… Read more »