Food Forests and Natural Pest Control – Observations

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Hearing Geoff Lawton speak about the effectiveness of natural pest control in food forests during my PDC studies is what originally prompted me to design and build a backyard food forest garden. Nature taking care of pests in the garden? It sounded too good to believe, and coming from a science background, I just had… Read more »

Perennial Plants and Permaculture

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Rhubarb Currently, approximately 80% of the food crops grown in the world are annual plants, and it’s been this way for quite some time. Perennial plant food crops are pretty much in the minority in terms of how the human race derives its nutrition. Permaculture strongly emphasises the importance of using perennial plants in our… Read more »

Food Forests and Earth Stewardship

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In Nature, all things are interconnected to each other, and in permaculture we strive to understand the relationships that comprise the ecological web of life. Through understanding the relationships in an ecological system, we can model these to  build similarly sustainable systems. Of all the ecological relationships we might encounter, possibly the most important (to… Read more »

Permaculture and Philosophy

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We can teach philosophy by teaching gardening, but we cannot teach gardening by teaching philosophy. – Bill Mollison The place of philosophy in Permaculture has always been a contentious subject and for very good reasons. The very identity and credibility of the design system of permaculture rests on its sound scientific underpinnings and foundations. Through… Read more »

Permaculture Lawns

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I hate lawns…. — Bill Mollison (‘Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution – An Interview with Bill Mollison by Scott London’) Lawns, love them or hate them, they are one of those features of modern life that we take for granted, though we’ve long forgotten their origins. We have lawn because we’ve ‘always had lawns’, without questioning… Read more »

Why Food Forests?

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Image source: Permaculture a Beginner’s Guide, by Graham Burnett We’re all familiar with the concept of forests — lush, abundant expanses of pristine wilderness, teeming with life, a richness of biodiversity and awe-inspiring to behold. Trees and plants intertwined, filling every possible space, the very well-spring of life itself! Forests exist fine on their own…. Read more »

Lessons from an Urban Back Yard Food Forest Experiment

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Editor’s Note: Some of you may remember my Magic in Melbourne post, where I covered the back yard of a certain urban wizard named Angelo, and his sidekick Louie. Well, Angelo gives us a great update on his progress below. It’s a very inspiring read, as I’m sure you’ll discover. In our modern, Western, science-centred… Read more »