Love Vs. Fear

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Imagine if we could help someone change their life for the better permanently, in under three years. Or imagine being in direct contact with the people on the ground, turning their semi-desert home back to an abundant food forest using permaculture, perhaps even going over and helping out…. Imagine being able to offer advice and… Read more »

Morocco PDC – a Success in the Making!

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A big Thank You to all who helped out when it was looking doubtful the course on the 17th April would have enough students to make it viable. We now have plenty of students, many from Morocco. There’s still room for more, but at this late stage it would be camping only.

Save the World, Without Giving Your Money Away!

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Editor’s Note: There are still places available on the April 17-30 PDC in Morocco – you’re encouraged to book now! Andy’s side-offer, described below, may well be another good reason to go – as while taking the course you have opportunity to check out a very affordable investment opportunity that may pay dividends in more… Read more »

Morocco PDC Update (for April 17-30, 2010) – Let’s Get Behind This!

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Editor’s Note: A couple of months ago we advertised (on the blog and in our course listings) the exciting opportunity to take a Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC) in an amazing location, and with an excellent permaculture instructor, and where in doing so you’ll be supporting impoverished locals to begin to take charge of their… Read more »

Permaculture Master Plan: Planting up the Global Garden

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You’re trying to say that you can live in the modern way and continue to think in the traditional way. That’s not true. The way you live affects the way you think. – Danny Billie, Traditional Seminole I’d like to recount here my impressions of the PRI, and how different it is from many other… Read more »