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by Dan Palmer, Very Edible Gardens

Two days ago Dan and Will returned to a large VEG permaculture design and implementation project that was completed about five months ago. Via the videos below, take a virtual walk about the front and back yards — warts, ducks, giant silver beet, gorgeous connected multidimensional abundance and all!

You can also check out the design and before, during and after photos of the project here and also in our downloadable portfolio (warning: 38mb PDF!).

Part I

Part II

4 Responses to “Visiting an Urban Permaculture Installation, Five Months On (Video)”

  1. Lloyd Zimmerman

    Wonderful work. Very impressive. I admired your nicely finished woodwork, Keep a yearly photo record to see how it fills out. Any fish in your ponds..small crockie ?

  2. Nathan Edwards

    Im amazed by the growth rates Dan. Especially that passionfruit!
    Top work

  3. Craig Mackintosh PRI Editor

    I’m keen to hear more from Dan and others who have experience with one technique showcased in this video – that being to plant four trees in the same hole, to keep the trees smaller and more manageable. Maybe Dan and/or other readers can share more about their experiences with this? It would make a great article just on its own.

    Thanks for the great urban example Dan!


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