12 Responses to “Soils DVD – Available October 2010”

  1. Justin

    Looks like Christmas is moving to October this year!Can we have a trailer while we wait…please.

  2. jeff

    Hey, how about letting us put in our orders now? I wanna give you my credit card number!!! looking forward to a new DVD installment.

  3. Nick Huggins

    Nice work Frank. I just watched it from start to finish. This has to be the most valuable DVD yet.
    I don’t think Geoff would get a job on the British BBC. To many beard changes. Priceless infomation from a brilliant presenter. With plenty of Lawton humor! Very funny…

  4. Craig Mackintosh

    Hi Marion – subscribe to the ‘posts by email’ RSS (top right of site), and you’ll get daily summaries of posts put up. When the DVD is for sale, we’ll announce it via such a post.

    I will also shortly be putting it into our online store, for those who want to pre-order.

  5. Robyn

    Hi, I didn’t see the Soil DVD in the store, or a link to buy. Did I miss something somewhere, please?

  6. Craig Mackintosh PRI Editor

    Hi Robyn. Click on ‘Store’ in the navigation tabs at top, then ‘DVDs’ and scroll to the Soils DVD.


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